We work with small, medium, and HNW investors to help them get started or expand their portfolio.



If you have properties you're moving, or if you have just a single investment, we'll be happy to facilitate a smooth and head-ache free transaction.



We offer full service property management of multi-family properties. Services include marketing and securing tenants, monthly accounting and operating reports, maintenance, repairs and complete property renovations.

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About our Broker

Since stepping into this industry in 2004, Natalya Wahba has developed a step by step strategy and organized an experienced team to help small, medium, and HNW investors make better returns when it comes to investing in commercial properties. Whether it's an apartment building or a retail center, Natalya  takes personal approach to maximize the bottom line of  her clients' portfolios. Furthermore, she ensures that her team provides the atmost care to each and every client's property they undertake in oder to build a life long partnership which is essential to  benefit all parties involved in this intricate enterprise.




we're more than just your broker - we're your partner

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Integrity and experience are our foundation. We help acquire, manage and divest properties by combining cutting edge innovative marketing with our established internal network of clients. We have an entrepreneurial spirit that is fluid through-out our entire organization. Our investors are able to benefit from our ideas and leadership through better management. This organizational strategy contributes to the dynamic and entrepreneurial character of our company. Our understanding of ever evolving commercial real estate comes hand in hand with our involvement in market research and extensive knowledge of the product.